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Group Leader Training and Supervision


Our recent research suggests that the quality of group leader training and supervision is critical for positive outcomes of the program. Leaders involved in our studies participate in training programs conducted by PRP’s developers. These trainings may be anywhere between 3-10 days in length depending on the needs of the particular group. During this training, group leaders learn about cognitive theories of childhood depression and social-emotive intervention strategies. They observe and practice curriculum delivery and receive extensive feedback and coaching from PRP’s developers and other members of our team. In addition, group leaders participate in group supervision meetings once every 1-2 weeks while they are delivering the PRP intervention.

A recent review of PRP studies indicates that PRP’s effectiveness varies considerably across studies (Gillham, Brunwasser, & Freres, 2007). This variability in effectiveness appears to be related, at least in part, to the level of training and supervision that group leaders receive. Therefore, we strongly recommend that individuals interested in using PRP seek consultation or training with our research team or with other experts familiar with this intervention. If you are interested in receiving PRP leader training, please supply your name, contact information, and a brief description of your training needs in the form below so that we might contact you when training becomes available.

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